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Hallux Valgus Kit Corrector [Includes Flexible and Rigid Straps, Neoprene Splints and Gel Toe Separators and Dilators]

Hallux Valgus Kit Corrector [Includes Flexible and Rigid Straps, Neoprene Splints and Gel Toe Separators and Dilators]

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Performance proven by industry experts such as Orthopedists and Podiatrists

A natural treatment with special internal splints of two hardnesses and gel aids that provide support to the various problems that can arise in the feet, designed to offer a painless solution and improve the aesthetics of the foot.

Hallux Valgus Bunion Corrector Kit

  • Pain Prevention: Pain relief and immediate prevention for any type of foot problem
  • Correct Posture: Wearing the Complete Kit you act on maintaining or restoring the correct posture of the toes but also of the back, having no pain you can walk better!
  • Pain Relief and Protection: for those who already suffer from it and want to intervene with a natural method
  • Unique and Non-Slip Design: Comfortably wraps your foot and works for you

Who is the Bunion Corrector Kit for?

Our KIT has been designed to be used all together or according to personal needs: it is used both for the treatment of Hallux Valgus / Bunion Corrector, but you can also use the components such as spacers and retractors in gel for only ALLUCE or only FINGERS for the Treatment of Hammer Toes, Overlapping or Overlapping Fingers, Turf Toe, Hammer toe, Claw toe, Mallet toe.

Bunion Pain. Hallux Valgus Bunion Kit Corrector Gel Toe Separators Tech Therapeutics. Multiple benefits for your feet.

You can wear the kit while sitting or lying down but also if you are busy with housework.

You can also wear it while sleeping at night or practicing fitness, yoga, dancing, running, hiking and other activities.

Highly recommended for those who stand for many hours such as bakers, school collaborators, carpenters, beauticians, plumbers, chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, real estate agents, waiters, etc ..

Technical characteristics of the product:

Hallux Valgus Bunion Kit Corrector Gel Toe Separators Tech Therapeutics

The toe separator corrector is a bunion repositioning remedy that will provide you with protection from irritation. It will relieve pain caused by shoe rubbing problems. It will provide relief thanks to the lateral protective bands and will carry out a corrective action for the straightening of the fingers thanks to the spacer separator supports.

Wearing it is very easy! It is advisable to follow these simple precautions:

  • During the DAY take advantage of the Sebs Gel supports for maximum efficiency: simply wear the Toe Spreader and Toe Protector with comfortable shoes, go on with the day and start noticing a significant difference in the way your toes move and feel .
  • Use the Hallux Valgus Corrector Neoprene Brace for the NIGHT using the different straightening bars and let him do the work! It is equipped with an adjustable belt and 4 aluminum bars (2 flexible and 2 rigid) to provide gentle and effective support to the big toe by aligning it, reducing pressure and stopping the progression or formation of bunions for complete pain relief.

Hallux Valgus Bunion Kit Corrector Gel Toe Separators Tech Therapeutics

The Tech Therapeutics team is always attentive to your needs:

We have created an innovative design that makes our product truly unique by incredibly improving comfort thanks to a material that is soft to the touch and comfortable but, at the same time, very resistant.

Comes for both right and left foot. You decide which parts of the kit to wear according to your needs.


Dimensions - 17 x 5 x 10 cm; 150 grams.

Size  - From 35 to 45.

Info - Unisex 


We provide an e-book with physical exercises, advice, diet and tips to optimize posture in everyday life and for a 360 ° well-being

Request it for free after your purchase here - Your Free E-book

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