Smart Working: How To Avoid Sitting Pain and Swollen Legs

Smart Working: How To Avoid Sitting Pain and Swollen Legs

Smart working or desk work does not make the physicist happy in general: our body is in fact a perfect kinetic machine designed and created to move.

A prolonged sedentary lifestyle can create imbalances in our bone and muscle structure: you will surely have felt very tired if you sit for a long time!

We explored this topic with Dr. Giorgia Lencioni: Physiotherapist and Expert in Kinesiology and Postural Gymnastics.

How to sit to avoid health problems?

Dr. Physiotherapist Giorgia Lencioni explains that there is no perfect static posture, the important thing is to change position often. Only a frequent change can allow the body to remain active and adapt while keeping a correct balance!


However, there are some highly recommended precautions regarding the ergonomic position to keep:

  • Have a height-adjustable chair.
  • Create a 90 degree angle between the arm and forearm.
  • Place the PC screen in a neutral position so that our neck is not too much in extension or flexion.
  • Place a stool underfoot for knee relief and circulation factor.
  • If the chair has armrests, these must not lead to an elevation of the shoulders but allow the arm to be relaxed.

In cases of prolonged sedentary lifestyle you can also use the Tech Therapeutics lumbar support band: with the semi-rigid bars and magnetotherapy it will give you immediate relief as soon as you wear it!

An "evergreen" tip is to drink a lot to nourish the body and muscles and allow the body to eliminate toxins.

If you don't immediately pay attention to your position in the long run, back pain, neck pain, leg and pelvis problems can occur.

Swollen and heavy legs?

If you are a woman you will have noticed that if you sit for a long time without moving your legs, they will tend to swell. The main cause is the force of gravity which leads to swelling and consequently venous or lymphatic circulation problems.

The female gender is known to suffer more from this problem than the male gender.

Dr. Giorgia Lencioni Graduated in Physiotherapy recommends always placing a stool or booster under your feet in order to promote circulation and venous or lymphatic return.

In physiotherapy sessions, the problem of circulation and swelling is treated with an electromedical device such as pressure therapy, this is a very effective, non-invasive method with no contraindications unless there are patients suffering from deep vein thrombosis.

It is a treatment that stimulates the lymph nodes, improving circulation as well as muscle tone; the feeling it gives is to have very light legs!!

Dr. Lencioni recommends a cycle of 12 sessions of 45 to 60 minutes with increased graduated pressure for 2 sessions a week in order to have a rapid and effective effect.

Surely for those who spend many hours sitting it is useful to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to stretching and training, there is no need to move to the gym!

With the Tech Therapeutics fitness bands kit you can perform a total or partial body workout even at home, take it with you for a break at the park or while you're at the beach.

The set is light and compact! No excuses for some muscle activation exercises!!

Cold showers to deflate? Not entirely correct.

You may have heard that it's great to take cold showers if your legs are swollen, know that it's not exactly correct!!

Dr. Lencioni explains that it is better to alternate jets of hot water and jets of cold water because only the alternation of vasoconstriction and vasodilation promotes circulation.

Can using a leg pillow help?

"Absolutely yes!" The Dr. replies:

If lying on your stomach it is ideal to place a pillow under your knees or ankles, for those who sleep on their stomach it should be placed under the shins.

Remember that doing activities or even simply going for a walk is both physical and mental relaxation! Dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to your body to prevent many annoying situations.

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