"Is It Fat or Am I Bloated?" - Causes and treatments to improve your well-being

"Is It Fat or Am I Bloated?" - Causes and treatments to improve your well-being

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I bet you're curious to know more about that annoying fat around your abdomen and maybe you're even searching Google for "nutrition to lose weight"..

With Nutritionist Chiara Gitto we discovered that not all bacon is the same..... this statement makes you smile a little but now I'll explain more!

There is belly, and there's belly: the "fat" one.

The best-known belly is the so-called "fat" belly due to excess food, therefore the creation of fat on the abdomen.

What to watch out for?

Important in these cases is a measurement of the anthropometric values of the body, this is because if you exceed certain values in cm you fall into risk factors and obesity!

When there is little bacon fat, it can cause poor abdominal tone and is therefore easier to treat with nutrition and exercise.

If the belly is turgid and important, the cause could be a caloric surplus that creates an excess of visceral fat, becoming further dangerous because it inhibits new pathologies in the body.

The "swollen" one for alcohol

Often many bellies are also "swollen", this result may be due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

How does alcohol become fat?

Alcohol is ethanol, i.e. empty calories for our body. By drinking these substances, the body is unable to assimilate the nutrients, consequently our liver gets into trouble since it is able to dispose of very little alcohol, about 7 grams per hour. These "empty" calories are set aside by our body and transformed into fat. In addition to the "visual" effect of the belly, remember that alcohol abuse leads the body to an inflammatory state, possible cirrhosis and hepatitis and a greater risk of contracting liver or stomach tumors.

Not a fan of alcohol but still have a "bloated" belly?

Windy bellies can be the result of poor nutrition and bad habits.

Eating badly leads to excessive internal fermentation. For example, you may introduce too many simple sugars such as cookies, sweets and chocolate or go overboard with fresh fruit such as melon, watermelon, cherries and strawberries. Since it is fruit, it is often thought that it is good for you but this is not always the case.

Even large salads, if eaten alone, can contribute to swelling of the belly. By eating only vegetables, everything is partially digested by our intestines, turning into fermented substances.
If we haven't ingested enough nutritional value, we'll continue to be hungry after half an hour and maybe we'll get the wrong idea of ​​continuing to eat fruit that will accumulate as fat.

Other foods such as spelt, rye, millet and legumes are high in fiber. It would be preferable not to exceed with consumption.

Excessive and continuous intake of dietary fiber can have an anti-nutritional effect and hinder the absorption of minerals such as calcium, iron, copper and zinc. Especially those suffering from irritable bowel, colitis, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis and Crohn's disease must be careful not to overdo the quantities!

In addition to the damage in the abdomen and lumbar area, do you know that there are repercussions on the whole body?

That's right, you've probably noticed how bad your posture is. It may be that even now, as you read this article, you have pain in the lumbar area or you already feel pain in your knees. Maybe you already feel the fatigue even just during a simple walk or while doing the jobs around the house.

In your aid you could use the orthopedic-sports knee brace with lateral stabilizers, excellent for giving support and support in cases of knee failure, pain or post-operative recovery. 

Do you want to get back in shape?

Dr. Gitto, an expert in sports nutrition, advises not to focus only on training the abdomen but to perform exercises that also include the whole part of the back and legs in order to strengthen the back area of the body that supports the column vertebral.

To help you maximize your work, we recommend the lumbar belt with supports and magnetic therapy. Once worn, it will give you immediate relief to the lower back area, also helping to restore correct posture!

If you think about doing abs and keep eating like you did before, know that you won't go to solve the problem. The abs are sculpted and defined when the percentages of fat mass are very low such as for example in body builders or those who train constantly with proper nutrition.

What should you do then?

Train and eat properly with a meal plan tailor-made for you by a professional. Don't improvise DIY diets, there are no miraculous apps that will sculpt the physique of your dreams.

Constancy and determination are the basis of everything, always with the help of qualified personnel who can support you in case of need!

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We thank Dr. Gitto for her collaboration.

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