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First Steps Towards Overcoming A Sedentary Lifestyle

A correct posture and a sedentary lifestyle don't always go hand in hand...

No matter how much effort a person may make, the sensation is of being faced with a sealed destiny: hunched back, hunched shoulders and anything but upright posture.

Not to mention the pains that sooner or later appear and end up having a heavy impact on one's well-being.

Although everything seems to work against the health of your back, is it possible to achieve correct posture even when you lead a sedentary life? 

In the office or at home, posture is essential

Unless you have a dynamic working life, the fate of most people is to spend a good part of their days sitting at a desk. And this is where the most wrong behaviors in terms of correct posture are often consumed.

Stiffness of the shoulders, curved back, crossed or crossed legs are the most frequent attitudes that end up changing posture for the worse with health and aesthetic effects that everyone knows.


Often other factors that cannot always be determined directly contribute to determining an incorrect posture. Despite the fact that considerable awareness of the issue of health in the workplace has grown, especially in recent years, the equipment available to workers is not everywhere such as to facilitate correct postures during working hours.

Non-ergonomic seats, the absence of footrests to facilitate maintaining a correct back and shoulder position, wrong monitor positions, are environmental factors that do not help even when there is awareness of the need to change one's postural habits. 

The illusion of being comfortable

No matter how hard you try to assume a correct posture, what prevails is a physical tiredness that doesn't make things easier and, on the contrary, tends to replicate incorrect behavior. The lumbar muscles tend to get tired and real inflammation can occur!

This fatigue, combined with physical discomfort, leads to a relaxation of attention towards one's posture and to assume positions that give the illusion of greater convenience and comfort. 

Most people tend to abandon correct positions because it is very difficult to maintain the right posture, especially when one's back is already conditioned by a previous history of incorrect positions.

Thus it happens that one abandons oneself on one's work session, deluding oneself that the feeling of momentary relaxation that one draws from it is actually beneficial. Obviously, nothing could be more wrong because the back needs to maintain correct positions beyond the transitory feeling of well-being that can be drawn from bad posture. 

The consequences of a sedentary life not only at work

Unfortunately, the consequences on one's back deriving from a sedentary life are not only those at work.

When sitting in a car or on public transport, there is little or no attention paid to one's posture.

When carrying weights, whether shopping bags or heavy objects, the back and its muscles are the most stressed systems. Physically, in fact, a sedentary life leads to the weakening of a series of muscles, starting with the abdominal muscles, which should support the back, relieving it from taking on loads that negatively affect its health and posture, and so the back ends up becoming the sacrificial victim of our mistakes and sedentary life! 

How to have a correct position at work

So how can you do to combat bad postural habits?

Beyond the physiotherapy advice that can be dispensed by experts in the sector, it is necessary to understand that everything can improve by changing and radically modifying one's habits. Before having problems that then require specific and targeted interventions, it is possible to intervene on your back long before you have any.

One of the main problems is precisely the sedentary lifestyle of everyday life. A routine that is difficult to break not only due to lack of will but often due to an objective lack of time. If there is no time to carry out a healthy physical activity that can help to significantly improve the situation, what can be done to help oneself to have a correct position?



Tech Therapeutics postural correctors

Precisely to meet the needs of those who want to preserve their back but above all want to finally achieve correct posture, there are precious postural correctors on the market.

These are comfortable devices in breathable fabric that can be worn all the time or when needed with the function of strengthening the back muscles and radically improving one's posture.

Among those that can boast important certifications, there are the Tech Therapeutics postural correctors, an Italian brand whose devices have the peculiarity of exploiting the precious benefits of magnetotherapy, which offers the guarantee of alleviating and eliminating dangerous back pains and solving the main discomfort resulting from incorrect posture.

In fact, Tech Therapeutics postural correctors, thanks to the four magnets inserted inside, can quickly realign the shoulders, returning them to their original position and leading to a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing posture.

These are certified products, they represent the result of continuous 100% Made in Italy research in the field of back health.


As proof of the great attention and specialization that Tech Therapeutics has gained in this sector, it is enough to think that there are different devices aimed at tackling and solving different problems. Tech Therapeutics has:

  • Postural correctors with straightening bars to correct incorrect positions.
  • Ergonomic posture correctors with magnets to strengthen those upper back muscles needed to maintain correct posture.

So don't worry!

As unsolvable as back problems may seem, there is a solution and it is called the Tech Therapeutics postural corrector. 

Don't wait until you have to go through expensive physiotherapy sessions to solve the problem. Start today to assume a correct position with the help of our postural corrector. Achieving back wellness has never been easier!

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