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10 Ways To Improve Your Posture!

Back pain, lumbar pain and difficulty standing straight are just some of the consequences, that sooner or later, we have to pay due to our sedentary lifestyles and incorrect positions.

But is there a way to avoid all of this?

Is there a solution that prevents the annoying back problems that debilitate millions of people around the world every year?

In this article you will find 10 ways to maintain a better posture and improve your life quality. Keep reading until the end so that you can find the best solutions for you!

1) To improve back health, start with healthy physical activities.

It's needless to explain this one, a sedentary life is one of the main factors that negatively affect the health condition of the back.

One of the most effective methods to combat a sedentary life is to carry out a balanced and regular physical activity aimed at improving back health.

The best exercises for the back are not very demanding and can be very static: simple stretches of the lumbar and dorsal muscles also treated in activities such as yoga which, in addition to being great for our back, also contributes to a healthy general relaxation and mental health.

The main yoga positions which, in addition to stretching your back and avoiding contractures, will help you relax the whole area and relieve pain, reducing the possibility of it returning in the future are: child's position or balasana, downward facing dog ', fists reflexed forward, plank against the wall.

 2) If you love your back, avoid excessive overloads.

Sometimes it's inevitable, you have to carry weights whether it's for work or out of necessity! If you really have to do it, try to follow some simple rules that will avoid risky overloads for your back.

You must always remember that to lift a weight off the ground you need to accompany the movement with the whole body, starting from a position with bent knees (a squat) and gradually lifting yourself up. This will ensure that the back and in particular the lumbar band is not affected in any way.

3) Back health starts in bed.

Sleeping well on orthopedic bed bases and mattresses and using pillows of the right height is essential to give your spine maximum attention even while sleeping.

Never underestimate the well-being condition of rest. It is the first step in guaranteeing yourself valid help for your back. During the night it is necessary to support the back to ensure that when you wake up you don't start the day with annoying pains.

4) While sitting, watch your shoulders and legs.

Even if you don't pay attention to it, the well-being of your back when you're sitting depends on the correct position of your legs and shoulders.

First of all, in addition to keeping your back well supported on the backrest, both feet must be well placed on the ground. To make everything easier, it would be very useful for you to equip yourself with a footrest. The shoulders also need to be relaxed and not stiff.

We develop bad habits without even realizing. Film yourself while working and watch back how many bad habits you unconsciously roll out through just a few minutes of sitting down.

A condition of stiffening leads to unnatural positions which consolidate over time, favoring a misalignment of the shoulders and leading to pain.


 5) Pay attention to how you walk.

It's one of the most natural things you might do: walk. You learn to do it even before you speak. However, not everyone knows that doing it correctly is a very important aid for the back.

First of all, open your shoulders and pull your chest out, it will help you maintain a correct position all the time.

Second, pay attention to the shoes you wear: heels that are too high or shoes with too low soles won't help you assume a correct position, ending up unnecessarily overloading your spine.

6) Watch your back health, even behind the wheel.

Even when you're driving, it's important to maintain a position that doesn't cause stress or muscle tension for your back.

To do this, your driving position must allow you to extend your arms and at the same time allow you to maintain an approximate 110° leg angle.

Correct adjustment of the driver's seat and headrest will help in assuming a correct posture.

7) Don't sit for too long.

When for work reasons or, for example, because you are traveling, you are forced to remain seated, the secret to helping your back is to get up periodically.

In fact, standing up will favor a natural stretching of the muscles and a precious relaxation of the back. If you tend to forget, set a regular alarm clock to remind you.

8) A balanced diet to avoid becoming overweight.

Among the causes of greater back fatigue there is certainly the body weight, which must be as balanced as possible, with respect to one's height and body mass.

In fact, excessive weight will cause, even if there is no clear perception of the problem, an unnatural overload of the back which will have to support a weight often not commensurate with one's condition.

9) Posture correctors with Tech Therapeutics magnets.

One of the most effective solutions to supporting the back during the everyday life, and reteaching you how to stand straight, is by using a posture corrector. Here we will analyze two types: postural correctors with magnets and postural correctors with straightening supports.

Posture correctors with Tech Therapeutics magnets offer valid support to strengthen the back muscles, both in everyday life and during sporting activities. In fact, their comfort, with time, makes them a comfortable ally to support and strengthen your back.

Strengthening the back muscles is in fact the first element of prevention against pain and discomfort.

One of the added values of Tech Therapeutics postural correctors is magnetotherapy. In our postural correctors there are four magnets that will produce a beneficial effect on the well-being of your back.

10) Talk with a professional.

The Internet does not hold all the answers, and if the pain is persistent then don't risk your mobility. Seek the expertise of medical professionals to assess what is the best form of treatment for your back.


Take care of yourself and look for the most suitable pain relief aids for your needs on our website!

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